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KeyCreator 2011 Direct CAD review by Kenneth Wong

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So last week, Matt, Chelsea and I were sitting in our conference room in the Boston area on a video conference with Kenneth Wong who was sitting in his office in San Francisco.  Kenneth writes a blog for Desktop Engineering, and KeyCreator 2011 is the subject of his latest blog.KeyCreator 2011 with a crown

We get into the demonstration of KeyCreator 2011, and as usual we are a bit nervous.  I liken it to haveing your child judged in a beauty pagent. Your baby is all dressed up and you are hoping that she'll win the hearts of the judges.

Anyway, the demo goes just fine and we get into the questions.  "Well, I see that you have added more push-pull functionality, but you still have areas where you are not using dynamic editing," says Kenneth Wong. 

We know that we still have more work to do in this area.  The truth about dynamic editing is that it's great for initial design, prepping models for analysis and downstream operations, but with really complex models, you still need to make edits in a more static way.  Having this combination of dynamic and static edits is the most productive way to design real parts and assemblies. Of course, that's not something that other CAD companies will tell you, but it's the state of the technology today.

Other than making that point clear, we believe that the review is a very fair assessment of KeyCreator.  So, we encourage you to read it.

We are pleased to have started this new "CAD Revolution." Several years back, our feature recognition technlogy was the first to the market.  This technology, combined with the ability to edit other people's native files, started this new wave of Direct Modeling Mania.  We welcome the growing spotlight on Direct Modeling, and are busy cooking up the next great leap in CAD technology.

We are also going to continue to enhance the KeyCreator UI, and we have some other tricks up our sleeve.  So stay tuned and we promise that we will delight you with some other new developments later in the year.

Oh, to read Kenneth's review click here:

KeCreator 2011 Reivew by Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering

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PS - If you have really big files to work with - you'll love the new 64-bit version of KeyCreator 2011.