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Direct Modeling - So What?

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The debate continues, the blogs flourish, the analysts analyze and fight over the correct terms to use, history-based, parametric, direct, explicit, direct editing, direct modeling ... And the CAD companies expound on the virtues of their new technologies, with theatrics like men being sprung from prison cells.  It may make some say, so what?

So what? 

Why should you care about Direct Modeling?  Doesn't your current CAD work just fine?

If you are like most companies, CAD is relgated to the few CAD jocks that are handling all of the CAD needs from creating designs and drawings, to making edits or even reading other people's CAD files for quotes or preparing them for analysis.

Traditional CAD requires large investment in staff trained in a particular vendor's CAD.  The help wanted ads read:  CAD Operator trained in _______.  This tells you nothing about their design ability, only that they have learned to drive a certain software.

What if CAD software didn't require, weeks/months/years of training? What if the CAD file could be easily shared and edited by others?  What if you didn't have to specify training in a particular type of CAD to add or replace manufacturing or design engineers.  What if almost anyone in the organization could open up and edit a CAD file as easy as they open up and edit a Word Document?

This is the promise of Direct CAD technology.describe the image

Want to learn more?  We wrote a white paper that explains the ins and outs of Direct Modeling.  We call it Direct Modeling 101.

Here is a link to download the white paper

Direct Modeling 101  - check it out.

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