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Back in May I read a tweet from Chad Jackson, analyst from Lifecycle Insights.  Chad was at the Collaboration and Interoperability Congress watching a presentation featuring Kubotek's ECO Manager software.

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As he watched the presentation on managing change and the ECO Manager software, Chad Tweeted something like: "most CAD systems have the ability to do geometric comparison." And, in fact he is correct. It's possible to do geometric comparisons by overlaying geometry and taking screen caps and manually measuring differences, and manually creating reports etc.  And some (many?) CAD programs offer some CAD Comparison tools that may compare two models (of the same file format) and geometrically give you a very detailed report with a lot of data. But it takes a lot of manual (detective) work to make the comparison information usable for documenting change and making decisions. 

Chad's interest was peaked in our differencing technology and the ECO Manager, so we met and reviewed the ECO Manager software and its use cases with him. Chad has written a blog on the ECO Manager titled: Kubotek’s ECO Manager: A Usable Difference Report?

After learning more about the ECO Manager, Chad recognizes the value in using Kubotek's ECO Manager in "a wide variety of scenarios across product development that can help save time and avoid downstream errors."  Chad has some great insights not only regarding the ECO Manager software but also had some revelations about Kubotek!

Please read the engineering-matters Blog on the ECO Manager software.

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