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Phrases overhead by the Queen regarding KeyCreator 2012 Direct CAD

<span id=Phrases overhead by the Queen regarding KeyCreator 2012 Direct CAD">

 Queen Elizabeth

Your Highness much prefers Direct Modeling to that history-based blather.

I'm planning to Tea and crumpets with that lovely Lady Sefea.  She's such a smart cookie!

God Save the Queen, someone made my DynaHandle even more functional.

Yes! It is proper to design using KeyCreator with your pinky extended!

Pip Pip Cherrio! A complete direct Modeler with CAM, Comparison and Analysis, I never thought I'd live to see the day!

Whoo! Did you see that royal fly-over? I am glad that they Validated those fighter jet designs using Kubotek Validation Tool.

Let them eat cake, indeed? Give them KeyCreator 2012 and let them invent!

Bully! Look at all of those pretty colors on the stress analysis!  And I did it myself!

Plastic parts, parting lines, core cavity splits, KeyCreator makes it easy, And XMD automates waterlines and other features - taking the royal pain out of mold deisgn!

Using KeyCreator Direct CAD is almost as fun as a Diamond Jubilee.

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