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To tree or NOT to tree... (CAD history Tree)

To tree or NOT to tree... (CAD history Tree)

Contemporary Christmas tree designed in KeyCreator CAD


The only tree that will bring you cheer at this time of year is a Christmas tree.

Let's be honest. The parametric feature tree on a history based CAD Modeler doesn't exude the same allure as the voluptuous fir, spruce or cypress varieties that you place in your cozy home each season.

One common denominator between your Christmas tree and a parametric feature tree is sap - A STICKY MESS AND NO FUN TO CLEAN UP.

You may inadvertently touch the stuff as you prune the bottom branches of your tree, or as you adjust the tree skirt, or as you hang your breakable ornaments precariously on those bottom branches that Sir Fido and Madame Fluffy will no doubt knock off... then it takes hours (dare I say days?) to rid yourself of the sticky stuff that seems to have roots.

Allow me to be corny and equate this experience to that of using a feature tree. Those rebuild errors that are a disaster and take hours to clean up after. The red X's beside those inconsolable features and sketches that you are starting to see in your sleep. Can't seem to get out of your rebuild mess, can you? This is something that Goo-Be-Gone cannot solve.

KeyCreator does not impose such sticky complications and restrictions, as it does not use a feature/history tree. KeyCreator does not prevent you from moving forward with your design just because you make a change to something. KeyCreator will not waste your time by making you wait for it to catch up.

In summation - Perhaps try two things this year: KeyCreator's tree-less Direct modeling software.... and one of Martha Stewart's lovely pre-lit faux trees from Home Depot. I have done both in the past 12 months and am better off for it. That being said, I still buy the pine tree spray so my living room smells like 'vague forest'. Small price to pay, my friends.

Happy Holidays from Kubotek...