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Mummies more productive with Direct CAD over History Based CAD 3 to 1

Mummies more productive with Direct CAD over History Based CAD 3 to 1

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In the first ever study of its kind, Engineer Mummies all over the world were given a variety of History Based CAD programs and Direct CAD modelers and were closely observed and asked to give their feedback on which style of CAD was more productive, creative and intuitive for them to work with.  This study was conducted over the course of many years and was kept "mum" and under wraps until today!

The Mummies' activities where monitored to unravel the the facts: which CAD Software is king of the hill or I guess king of the pryamid, Direct or History Based?  This was done both quantitatively and qualitatively. First, they measured the Mummies keystrokes and mouse movement along with the time that they spent on the CAD software programs.  In addition, the CAD models that they created were also studied. Here's a video of a very creative car designed using Direct CAD software by a mummy: Coffin Car

These studies showed that the Mummies spent less time (and used less clicks) creating their models by a factor of 3 to 1.  Additionally, when the judges entered one crypt  several of the computers running the History Based CAD software were shown to still be “Regenerating” the CAD models after changes were made. Judges furthermore witnessed several keyboards and monitors being smashed to little bits that were running the History-based CAD as well.  One mummy was heard to describe the History based CAD as "decrepit" and another called it "rotten."

A panel of judges assembled to review the models that were created using both Direct and History-based CAD modeling found that the Direct CAD models were more creative and more thoroughly designed due to the fact that there were more iterations of the models.  The models were also found to be faster and cheaper to manufacture.

The Mummies were then interviewed about their experiences using both History Based and Direct CAD.  Here were some of their responses:

                “The Direct CAD just slew me man!  I loved it.  It made me feel so creative and Alive.”

                “History based CAD made me wait so long to rebuild models, I could almost die waiting for it, and then boom it crashed and burned!”

“I was able to design an entire new crypt in no time, giving me more time to go out and hit the links!”

Would you like to try some of this "Killer" CAD Software?  Here is a free trial of KeyCreator Direct CAD software . See for yourself if it isn't just "to die for."