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10 signs that your CAD Software is Wrong for your organization

10 signs that your CAD Software is Wrong for your organization

describe the imageCAD Software is a critical tool for manufacturers and product design companies.   Many companies have decided to standardize on a particular CAD Software tool or tools because it’s the most popular or because that is what they have used in the past.  In the past, 3D CAD meant history-based CAD.  With the evolution of Direct CAD modeling and other newer CAD viewing and Validation tools, your CAD environment can be more productive and help you to leverage the time, skills, and creativity of your organization - paying great business dividends.  Review these signs that your CAD tools aren’t up to snuff and see if it might be time for you to consider a CAD upgrade.

Your CAD software may be wrong for your organization if:

  1. What should be simple changes to designs sometimes take a day or week because they clash with the potential changes anticipated when the model was created.
  2. Your customer sent you a new CAD model and you can’t determine where the changes are without overlaying one drawing over another and changing their colors. And then you still aren’t sure that you found all of the changes.
  3. You support one CAD package for 3D and one for drawings and you pay for maintenance and education on both.
  4. You are still designing in 2D because 3D is too hard to learn.
  5. Your software is so old that it won’t run properly on  Windows 7. 
  6. In order to run a simulation someone needs to start from scratch and remodel the product to simplify it.
  7. Large files are crashing your system.
  8. When you walk by your designer’s computer it usually says “rebuilding.”  (And the designer is at the coffee machine.)
  9. You are losing jobs to the competition because you need a CAD operator to open a customer’s files in order to create quotations.
  10. You bought the most popular CAD package because “everyone is using it”, but your productivity plummeted and your CAD vendor tells you it’s because you need “more training.”

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