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How the Royal Wedding is like Direct Modeling

How the Royal Wedding is like Direct Modeling

royal wedding

OK, I know what you are thinking - one of these things is not like the other: Royal Wedding And Direct Modeling?

Like many other red-blooded males in this country and others, I have been getting sick to death of hearing about the royal wedding.  And I had a brief conversation about it yesterday with a colleague at work.  Basically our wives and significant others are extremely excited about the event, while we could care less or are even annoyed by it.  I even tried to confirm our sentiments by issuing a linked in poll on many of the design and engineering sites on linked-in and, well, there are many more males than females on the sites and nobody cared enough to even take the simple one question poll.

So this AM - the alarm went off as usual at 5:45 and the TV went on.  What was on every channel? The royal wedding.  When we turned the TV on, Kate was just arriving at Westminster Abby.  So the wedding was about to take place.  We watched on.  I actually found it quite fascinating... go figure.  I've never been to Westminster Abby and I was quite impressed by the size and magnificence of the cathedral. And then Kate herself, well do I need to say that she is quite a strikingly beautiful woman, and Pippa looked pretty hot in her form hugging dress.

So like Direct CAD, many of you may be dreading the prospect of learning to use a different type of CAD tool.  But once you get exposed to it, you may very well get drawn into its simplicity and flexibility and actually find it quite fun, yes fun, to use.

I also learned that the last royal wedding, of Prince Charles and Princess Dianna was in 1981, a whole generation before. In 1981, History-based Parametric programming was the king of CAD.  Today in 2011, there is a new generation of CAD; Direct Modeling is the "Prince" of CAD and soon to be the King.

So, as much as I tried to avoid the royal wedding, I could not, and happily it drew me in and I embraced it.  And I guess I was foolish. Why poo-poo such an important worldwide celebration?

And as much as you might try to avoid Direct Modeling, it's probably best to embrace it.  It is here to stay and will make your product development experience much easier, smoother and yes, enjoyable.

So I was pleasantly surprised by the Royal Wedding today and I know you will be pleasantly surprised by Direct Modeling.

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