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A good day of Direct Modeling is like a good day of Fishing.

A good day of Direct Modeling is like a good day of Fishing.

And we all know a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.  So that leads me to conclude that a day with Direct Modeling can beat the snot out of a bad day at work.  Are you following me?  Good. 

If you've stopped by and chatted with us at any of our recently Kubotek KeyCreator 3D Direct CADattended tradeshows (or seen our emails inviting you to get out of your office and visit us), you have likely noticed some sort of contraption displayed on our booth graphic.  Not only can you see a larger than life image of this thing, but the actual "thing" is displayed in person at the show, right there for you to man-handle to your heart's content.  So what is it, exactly?  And furthermore, how does it relate to direct modeling? That, my friend, is why I'm writing this...

First of all, that "thing" is a Rapid Release® quick-release fishing rod holder, designed and manufactured by KeyCreator customer Damon Weaver of XCentric Mold. The product is fully designed using KeyCreator.  We even use bits and pieces of it as part of our test drive guide - a PDF you can download to help walk you through the functionality of KeyCreator Direct Modeling.

So, of all the "things" we could have displayed on the KeyCreator Direct CAD booth, or used as part of our test drive guide, why did we pick a fishing rod holder?  Is it because Damon is a really cool dude and a long-time KeyCreator user - and he likes the added publicity for both XCentric Mold and the Rapid Release.  Sure.  But that's not the only reason.   

Think about it.  Kubotek customers span a gamut of industries and professions.  Our customers design and/or produce all kinds of goods like jets and aerospace products (too big to carry with us), outdoor power equipment, medical needles (squeamish factor), all sorts of tooling, die, molds and sheet metal products (hard to narrow it down), even flying cars and boats.  Out of everything out there, what could a majority of our customers relate to (okay, besides an ice cold brewski)?

Fishing.  The sport of drowning worms.  It appeals to young and old (I would know, the Easter Bunny brought a Barbie fishing pole to our house this year - and it's been a hit).  Everyone from novices to experienced outdoorsman knows the basics of fishing.  You can go solo or with a group.  You can pick up your pole at any point in the day, or near any body of water and get right to it. I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone out there who has never cast a line.  Or pretended to.  Or for that matter, played a rousing game of Go Fish.

To me, that sounds like Direct Modeling.  Doesn't matter who uses it - experienced CAD jocks or the occasional user.  It can work anywhere in the design-to-manufacture process, in companies large and small or by individuals and hobbyists.  You can be up to your hips in CAD projects all day, or you might simply only dabble in CAD from time to time.   Just grab a mouse and make changes on a model quickly and easily.  No worries.

A good day of fishing also means you didn't get your line all tangled up in the nearest tree or get hooked into your buddy's arm.  Same sentiment is applied to direct modeling; it won't produce a tangle of parametric steps that only cause headaches.  If you're not able to respond to nibbles quickly enough, direct modeling will make you agile and flexible enough to speed time-to-market to land the big fish--I mean accounts.   And nothing is worse than having to drop everything and rebuild a model from scratch (or drop everything for a visit to urgent care to get that hook removed).  Direct modeling won't do either of those to you.

So, Why not give direct modeling a try?  Once you've tried direct modeling, we're sure you'll be hooked by all it has to offer.