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KeyCreator University Open for Business

KeyCreator University Open for Business

Walt Silva comments on the opening of KeyCreator University.  Walt spearheaded the development and launch of KeyCreator University.  He is also well known in the CAD industry simply as  “Doctor Walt."  Walt has authored eighty-nine books on CAD and associated topics, 11 multimedia CAD training CD’s, founded Doc Walt Online University, and is currently incarnated as Manager of Professional Services at Kubotek USA.

CAD software is one of the most intense applications that Walt Silva resized 600someone can use on a computer. Having documented the use of CAD software for the past twenty-five years, I’ve come to the conclusion that educating the CAD users in the intricacies of any CAD application is one of the most challenging tasks imaginable. And I also think that many customers use less than 10% of the application on their computer. 

Our goal at Kubotek USA is to provide our users with the best possible support and training for KeyCreator, the leading geometry-based direct CAD modeler available in the PC world. While traditional classroom teaching is the ultimate experience in education, many users cannot afford to be absent from the workplace for a typical three day class. Travel distance and total cost of a major trip are other mitigating factors. And this is often compounded by the failure of busy users to acknowledge how much they do not know!

I founded my Doc Walt University several years ago as an answer to this problem. Based on decades of teaching CAD users at all levels of expertise, I structured an online university that customers could use twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, at their convenience. Accessible from anywhere, and covering the entire gamut from basic instruction to advanced surface-solid hybrid modeling, the online courses provided the perfect solution in terms of both price and flexibility for today’s design professional.

Based on my experiences with the Doc Walt University, I am proud to be working with Kubotek's CAD experts and the launch of KeyCreator University. As the preeminent online CAD training resource in the world, KeyCreator University will provide users with a wealth of training material, formulated in many ways. The combination of detailed lessons in PDF format, quick answers to basic questions, live and recorded videos on a multitude of topics, and scheduled web-based and traditional classes will give every KeyCreator user access to training to suit the way they prefer to learn.  KeyCreator University is tuition-free to our Software Maintenance Program customers. That's one more way we are adding value for our loyal users. 

For the month of May, we'll be hosting a KeyCreator University Open House.  That means anyone can access the reference information in KeyCreator University free of charge.  So get in there and take a look around.

I'd like to personally welcome you to KeyCreator University.

We’ll be looking for you on Campus!

Walt Silva