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8 Reasons to Use ECO Manager to Communicate Engineering Design Changes

8 Reasons to Use ECO Manager to Communicate Engineering Design Changes
1. Your engineers are more valuable doing engineering work than looking for changes to designs.
  • What would you rather have your engineers doing? Checking stuff or optimizing designs and processes to make more money on your products and services?  ECO Manager frees time for your engineers to work on value-added projects.        
2. You will most likely miss a change or two every once in a while using manual checking processes and that may cause lost profits, increased costs, delayed product launch or all of the above.
  • Manual processes increase the likelihood of human error. The old "lay one model on top of another" and check for changes just doesn't cut it anymore.  Maybe it worked in a 2D world, but today's 3D files with built in Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) demands automated tools that fit in with your engineering and manufacturing processes.ECO Manager Compares PMI data
3. ECO Manager integrates with your current PLM system - you don't have to add any complexity to your current MIS system to use it.
  • Using Enovia SmarTeam, Teamcenter, or another PDM/PLM system - the data can be easily stored and accessed from your system.
4. Its so simple to use.
  • Open two versions of the file.  Set your parameters.  Run the comparison.  Changes are shown to you in color on the models.  Easily capture the data and create your reports all within the system.
5. You can use ECO Manager to document changes throughout the supply chain that need to take place as a result to an ECO.
  • You can organize the change data using the difference tree for different parts of the organization to use.
6. It standardizes your ECO documentation processes.
  • Implementing ECO Manager gives you one standard process and reporting system throughout the organization to manage and communicate Engineering design changes. 
7. It creates reports in PowerPoint with clear pictures of what has changed.
  • No more manual word docs with screen shots cut and pasted to create ad-hoc reports that are stored in various places throughout the organization.
8. It works with most CAD formats, including JT, Catia, NX, KeyCreator, Inventor, SolidWorks, and many others...
  • You can even compare disparate file formats with ECO Manager: JT to IGES, NX to Catia.  The system is extremely accurate and flexible.
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