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KeyCreator University - A wealth of training resources

KeyCreator University - A wealth of training resources
KeyCreator University website home page

Did you know that there is a free training resource available on the KubotekUSA website?

About midway through last year, Kubotek USA purchased the resources of Doc Walt University, and hired the President of the school itself, none other than the infamous Doc Walt.

We renamed the University KeyCreator University and soon it will be renamed again Kubotek University to reflect the ever expanding set of training materials in the university, covering not only KeyCreator but also KeyMachinist for KeyCreator, Kubotek ECO Manager, Validation Tool and our expanding set of engineering design and PLM tools.

Many sections of the University are completely open and free of charge to anyone with an internet connection. Other portions of the university require a Kubotek Software Maintenance Agreement in order to access the materials.

There are step by step PDFs covering practical how to design instructions as well as video instructions and previously recorded webinars covering a wide variety of topics.

Yesterday we made over a dozen recent additions to the KeyCreator University, including these:

Tips & Tricks: 2 Tools to create hole tables

KeyLessons: Creating a Cast Wishbone Linkage (Maintenance customers can access)

So, for all of you current KeyCreator users and even previous CADKEY users, please take advantage of this extensive 3D direct CAD training resource.

As usual, thank you for reading and your feedback is highly valued.