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The Joy of CAD Comparison

The Joy of CAD Comparison

Blogger's note - there are 3 links to blogs about Kubotek's new CAD comparison software KeyCreator Compare, below.

You know what's really fun?

Getting a new CAD model with revisions from your customer when you are already starting to manufacture the tool/mold/die or the product itself.

Yeah, that is really fun.

Especially when it comes on a Friday afternoon, say around 2:45 PM and you need to determine what the changes are and make sure that the evening and weekend shifts are making the right product.

Yeah, that's really a blast!

And if the CAD model is in Step or IGES and yours in is some other format, that makes it even better.

And let's say its in inches and you modeled in millimeters. 

Especially killer.

I love translating files... and then trying to figure out if the translation changed anything...

That's the bomb.

Then once your done figuring all that out...   (Sorry guys I can't go out for a beer after, I'm trying to get rid of the beer gut anyway.)

And then trying to figure out if they actually told you about all of the changes.  CAD Comparison, manual process...Fun!

Let's color the old CAD file Red (pretty, but Red is dead, they say) and then make the new CAD file Blue! (Blue New! - how poetic!)

Now comes the very most fun part!  All the stuff that is the same is, you know, Purple. But what about the red and blue areas?  Did you catch them all? This is even better than playing Where's Waldo! 

(Guess I'll be late for dinner again- but this is so worth it!)

 And what about Product Manufacturing Instructions?  You know - those kind of important things about how to make the part and the tolerances stuff?   Those aren't going to be purple or blue or red are they?   That's the real challenge...

That's what I live for, that's why I spent all of this time in school, learning to design and manufacture things, to enjoy hours comparing one old CAD file to another, just so we don't screw up and lose money on the job.  Yeah way cool!

OK, by now I am sure you get it. Manually comparing CAD files is about as much fun as taking an ice pick and jabbing it into your eye.

But, you don't have to do that anymore, there is a better way.

Yes, really.

Kubotek just came our with some really cool CAD Comparison technology.  The Kubotek Comparison suite.

KeyCreator Compare Is/Was comparision

And some really smart people (let's call them CAD Guru's) are getting their hands on it and telling you how useful and easy it is.

Don't take my word for it.

Read what these CAD gurus wrote about KeyCreator Compare:

Ralph Grabowski - KeyCreator Compare

John Evans review KeyCreator Compare

Matt Lombard review - KeyCreator Compare CAD software

Just think - no more time wasted making sure that the CAD file revisions were communicated properly and no more getting yelled at for missing a change and no more Friday afternoons missing beers with the guys (well, we can't promise that!)

Thanks for reading.

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