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A Dozen Reasons to LOVE KeyCreator CAD software

A Dozen Reasons to LOVE KeyCreator CAD software

I love KeyCreator Heart with Arrow

1. It's Direct CAD Software - You don't need to fight with the history tree to create and edit your model.  KeyCreator is a lover, not a fighter.

2. It can open and edit almost ANY CAD file.  Some CAD software products can't even accurately open a file from previous version of software.  But we can and in some cases we open their files more accurately than their newer versions open them! (What's not to love?)

3. KeyCreator CAD software has really cool and functional viewing capabilities.  You can use planes to cut right through the model and dynamically move the plane through the model and see whatever you want, heck, you can even cut a section and save it if you like.

4. Detailing layouts:  You have more tools in detailing than Carter has little liver pills  (whatever those are). But seriously, if you want to create layouts that look like little Picasso's, KeyCreator is the tool for you!

5. Freedom.  It's your data.  If you love something, set it free.  No complicated file structures, no PLM system to lock you in and keep your data.  You can freely move your data as you wish.

6. Dynamics - The DynaHandle lets you push, pull and drag geometry and arrays of geometry to your heart's content.

7. Flexibility - You can create geometry using 3D wire frames,  solid modeling, surfaces, and 2D geometry all in the same workspace.  Creating and editing geometry has never been easier.

8. Compare - KeyCreator Compare automates the CAD comparison process.  Graphically see the exact changes right on the screen.  Useful in new product design, quoting and manufacturing.

9. Low cost machining. 2- or 3-axis milling is a cinch.  KeyCreator's got that too.

10. Support - KeyCreator has the best support in the world.  Call us, chat us up, email us. We'll get right back to you with the right answer with a smile.

11. Price - KeyCreator has a lower initial price and cost of ownership than all all of the major 3D CAD vendors.  When you add up all of the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining your software, the savings are significant.

12. Ease of Learning & Ease of Use. (Is that 2 reasons? OK it's a Baker's dozen.)  It doesn't takes weeks to learn all of the various commands and features of the software.  You can get going in a matter of hours.  In fact our initial training is just that - hours long, not days, not weeks. You get productive right away!