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Sefea - the smart lady behind KeyCreator Analysis

Sefea - the smart lady behind KeyCreator Analysis

Sefea (pronounced SeFEE'ah) is smart, quick and complex. She is a set of super secret equations that the not-so-evil Dr Ted Lin devised to simplify and speed the CAD Analysis process.

 Picture of Sefea - Glamorous smart classic woman

What does Sefea do? 

She tee's up the simulation problem for the solver. So that the solver can process the simulation results more quickly and do so with less data.

How does she do it.  We'll never tell, but she is the newest member in a league of new solving technology called Strain Enriched FEA (Finite Element Analysis.)

Sefea is young, only several years old in fact.  You see she is much younger and more vibrant that other algorithms used by the largest and most popular analysis systems.  Those algorithms are decades old and honestly could use a little work done.

And Sefea isn't haughty.  She doesn't require a large and dense mesh in order to get results.  In fact, she's real happy with a TET4 mesh (versus 10) and she will provide just as accurate results as those older gals, but in lightning speed.

And Sefea is frugal, she won't hog your precious memory from your workstation or laptop.  So she'll give you results when those grannies have used up every last bit of memory and your laptop is gasping and choking.

Get to know Sefea, I think you might just fall in love.

Sefea - she's young, smart and fast and will get results when other's can't and she's what you will find in KeyCreator Analysis.

And for all you smart guys that want to get deep into the theory driving her, there is a White Paper thoroughly explaining all her ways.

Check it out here: Sefea White Paper.

Thank you for reading and I covet your comments.