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Rebirth of American Manufacturing - Software & Democratization

Rebirth of American Manufacturing - Software & Democratization

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Linked-in has a couple of interesting articles today on manufacturing and corporate responsibility, the first was by Jeff Inmelt CEO of GE entitled Why We're Betting on Manufacturing

Inmelt's article discusses the drivers to turn the slow American recovery into a long and sustainable boom:

1. The rich reserves of shale oil - this can be sped up with a North American Pipeline.

2. Applying social media to the industrial world and creating a social internet for manufacturing.

3. Speed and simplification

4. The evolution of Advanced Manufacturing

As part of this evolution of Manufacturing, he mentions using new technologies like 3D printing of jet engine parts and the rise of analytics and software.

I couldn't agree more fully with the CEO and Chairman.  One of the driving forces of our company is to increase the productivity and knowledge of the manufacturing workforce. This is one reason that we worked with our software partner, AMPS Technologies and developed KeyCreator Analysis.  Our product, KeyCreator Analysis simplifies the complexity that has long prevented the use of CAD analysis in the initial design process.  We are training engineers through no cost webinars to perform simple analysis early in the design stage.  This will save time and money and provide a competitive advantage to the companies that are taking advantage of this technology.

In addition to the introduction of KeyCreator Analysis, we have also embarked on a program that provides an educational version of CAD software to students free of charge.

The Manufacturing internet that the GEO CEO mentions exists in bits and pieces all over the internet today and its power is becoming more real with the advent of crowd-sourcing. You can see this power in sites like Linked-in and the site GrabCAD in which designers share their designs for free.  A manufacturing community that interconnects the supply chain with all stakeholders in manufacturing is a powerful idea.   It will be interesting to see how this manufacturing internet could develop.

The other Linked-in article featured today was by Hiroshi Mikitani entitled Your Brand is Your Flag .

In his article he argues that soon countries will become subordinate to companies, so companies have a great responsibility to society.  This may seem like radical thinking, but international companies have a lot of influence and power today.  And with this great power they need to assume responsibility for the type of society that they want to foster.

At Kubotek, we often think of our role in the world of manufacturing and society.  We see our software and products as having the ability to democratize manufacturing.  By offering simple and powerful CAD software and simple engineering tools, like KeyCreator Analysis, we are enabling one person or a small very company to both design and manufacture their own products. This ability will free the creativity of the individual and it will have a very dramatic impact on society. We are coming closer and closer to this reality.

Combining the thoughts of these two articles provides an interesting outlook into the future.  Large and small companies can take advantage of the democratization of technology, with easier to use and simplified software. New technologies such as 3D printing and the new energy independence of America can be combined with higher skilled manufacturers--both big and small.  Utilizing the power of social media and the internet can create a rebirth and transformation of manufacturing in America, as well as create the next big boom in the American and world economy. The companies and individuals that choose to play in this new manufacturing world will reap great rewards and have great responsibilities. We chose to play and embrace the future.

Thank you for reading,

Scott Sweeney

VP Marketing

Kubotek Creation Engineering Division