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KeyCreator Direct CAD is not a key creator. (Friday Office Funnies)

We hear a lot of things when we are speaking with customers, engineers, designers, execs, CAD jockeys, etc. We hear things that make us want to laugh out loud.  We hear things that totally blow our minds. (Who knew you could support yourself and your family by designing and building rat mazes. Because seriously. I met this guy at a show in California last year. Kapow. And you know what, Direct CAD was totally up his alley.)

And then there are times we hear and get asked about things that are just...just...dumbfounding. For instance.  We are makers of KeyCreator Direct CAD.  That means our CAD software is of the history-free, direct modeling variety. If you want to design from scratch, you can do so by simply manipulating shapes and geometry on the screen itself. Sort of like real-time electronic sculpting.  You can also drive changes through dimension driven editing, or, if you need to, you can import a design from any other CAD format and begin editing it.  No worries about who or what orginally created the design.  If there is geometry, we can work with it.

What we don't do is make keys. There. I said it.  Key. Creator.  We've heard it more than once.  (However, if you want to design something fancy, then of course you can use Direct CAD software to make all sorts of funky shaped keys).

Share our pain and laugh with us in this short video: