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KeyCreator 2020 Enhancement Video #5 - Dynamic Primitives

KeyCreator 2020 Enhancement Video #5 - Dynamic Primitives


Dynamic 3D Sketching Enhanced in Solid Primitive Functions

Improvements and additional DynaHandles make creating basic solid shapes faster and easier.


Solid Primitives - Enhanced with Dynamic Tools

All Primitives now have a Dynamic option

The Sketch option has been replaced with Dynamic to use DynaHandles

As you Click & Drag during creation, the Pre-Selection Color indicates a temporary state until 2nd click

Once the 2nd DynaHandle appears, the Primitive is created & is available for further manipulation by the DynaHandles

Previous behavior:

  • Solid created with no option for further adjustments
  • Dynamic Primitives required an OK otherwise solid was discarded

Enhanced behavior:

  • Solid immediately created even if user forgets to OK
  • State is added to Undo/Redo

The Dynamic option uses all the DynaHandle functionality:

  • Dragging & snapping to locations
  • Rotation
  • ToolTip input
  • Content menu options

Using Primitives can eliminate extra steps and then be manipulated like any other solid.

Notice the UNDO will take you back to the initial primitive state if needed.