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Kubotek3D Office Closure

Kubotek3D Office Closure

Massachusetts Department of Public Health has issued a temporary order related to the COVID-19 outbreak, which requires all non-essential businesses to close their physical locations. Kubotek3D would like to reassure its customers, vendors, and partners that we remain operational despite our office closure. Most of our team was already well-versed in telecommuting and we will continue to productively develop, sell, and support Kubotek products. Please contact us via normal channels if there is anything we can do to help you during this time.

Some of our customers are working to determine impacts and risks their operations and supply chain may face during this crisis. We are ready to provide specific written answers to your questions about our capacity and plans as needed. As a producer exclusively of software, the repercussions of travel and logistical restrictions on Kubotek3D are generally low.            

Kubotek is committed to serving our customers, vendors, and partners during these difficult times and wishes the best for you in the same.