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#TechTipTuesday-- New Microsoft Windows XP Security Update


Monday May 15th Microsoft did something it repeated said it would not – it issued a new patch for Windows XP. Official support for Windows XP ended 3 years ago and Microsoft has repeatedly warned that Windows XP would be vulnerable to new computer viruses.  A recent major virus has been impacting Windows XP users, and Microsoft has done the right thing by helping to get them protected.

If you or someone you know is still using Windows XP, please spread the word. Kubotek recommends downloading and installing this small (700 KB) security patch:


Of course, Kubotek is still also recommending moving off Windows XP as soon as practical. Windows XP PCs with Internet or network connections will remain vulnerable to other viruses. Also, the latest versions of Kubotek products are built with new technologies which the older and unsupported Windows platforms are unable to support. If you are looking at replacing an old Windows PC and need a quote for upgrading your Kubotek software please contact us:


For more information visit or call 800-372-3872 Option 2