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#TechTipTuesday-- Explore KeyCreator 2019's new Bounding Box features

#TechTipTuesday-- Explore KeyCreator 2019's new Bounding Box features




Planning stock sizes for machining just got easier with KeyCreator 2019’s new Bounding Box enhancements that instantly calculate manufacturing stock data. 


Video Transcript: KeyCreator 2019 Bounding Box Enhancements

  • 3 New Bounding Box Enhancements
  • #1 Automatic Bounding Box Dimensions
  • Ideal for Quoting
  • Uses Current Detail Setting for Dimensions
  • You Can Always Optimize Box Sizes by Defining a New Orientation Plane
  • #2 Automatic Property Population of Basic Data for Bounded Solid
  • Use ALL ENTITIES to Get Enclosures...
  • ...No Properties Will be Populated
  • Ideal for Packaging, Shipping & Other Spatial Data
  • #3 Stock Oversize Option Adds Values to Stock Dimensions in Properties
  • For Easily Capturing Manufacturing Stock Data
  • Bounding Boxes Can be Placed on Their Own Separate Levels Then Deleted or Managed by User
  • Extract the Automatically Populated Properties for Manufacturing or BOM
  • Easily Get Structural Fabrication Sizes