Tools to Accelerate Manufacturing

Kubotek3D delivers 64-bit precision engineering programs for Windows compatible with all major CAD databases.

KeyCreator (R)

KeyCreator 3D CAD/CAM software provides uniquely agile solids/surface design, comprehensive translators, quick toolpath generation, and mechanical drawings tools.


KeyCreator 3D CAD/CAM solids surface design

KeyCreator Viewer

KeyCreator Viewer software is a no-charge program for read-only visualizing and verifying/measuring data in all KeyCreator CKD and CADKEY (R) PRT files.


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KeyCreator Viewer CKD CADKEY PRT

Kubotek Validation Tool TM

Kubotek Validation Tool software uses proprietary Kubotek geometry comparison technology to detect and clearly communicate any differences between the original 3D model in the master design file and a copy file.


Validation Tool Image aerospace DPD MBD QA compliance

Kubotek Spectrum (R)

Kubotek Spectrum CAD viewer is a read-only program for visualizing and verifying/measuring data in all major Mechanical CAD file formats.


Spectrum CAD Viewer visualization measurement

Kubotek Kosmos TM

The Kubotek Kosmos 3D framework is an advanced set of components, including KCM(R) (Kosmos Core Modeler), which software developers can use to build cross-platform software for engineering and manufacturing applications. 

3D framework and KCM geometric kernel
KeyCreator, CADKEY, Kubotek Spectrum, and KCM are registered trademarks and Kubotek Validation Tool and Kubotek Kosmos are trademarks of Kubotek Corporation.