What's the best 3D CAD tool for AutoCAD users?

Familiar file structure, similar workflows, powerful 3D capabilites, and perpetual licensing: AutoCAD users find a lot to like about KeyCreator CAD/CAM

AutoCAD users looking to move into 3D modeling face a big question: Which CAD system delivers the 3D capabilities they need while providing the smoothest transition for designers? With all the software out there to choose from, weighing the options can be daunting.

The process doesn't have to be that difficult. KeyCreator is unique among its peers in several critical areas that have made it a successful choice for AutoCAD users expanding their design capabilities. 



AutoCAD users quickly become comfortable with KeyCreator because the design files and work spaces are structured in a familiar way. Unlike the file types 3D CAD programs such as Inventor or SolidWorks use, KeyCreator’s CKD files function the same as DWG files. Each have a model space and the ability to add 2D layouts for drawings which contain cropped viewports of the model viewed from different orientations. The model space and each layout can be divided into an unlimited number of user defined layers with a system of optional external references to efficiently link repeated parts of a design into the main design, providing flexible file size reduction and quick updates to externally referenced parts.

KeyCreator File Structure Image


When learning KeyCreator, designers don't need to wrap their heads around an entirely new paradigm because the core workflows they're familiar with using in AutoCAD to manage 2D entities, such as trimming and breaking unconstrained lines, arcs, and curves, are utilized in KeyCreator to create and edit solids and surfaces. Both programs have simple CAD formatting properties that can be used for filtering selections according to matching entities. 

KeyCreator utilizing CAD formatting properties

Smooth transitions are important to consider when adopting new software, but KeyCreator’s most convincing selling point for AutoCAD users is in its powerful 3D modeling tools. KeyCreator has significant depth in functions to quickly set construction planes and build 3D bodies from simple planar profiles. Extra steps aren't required for sketches, planes, and defining closed profiles. KeyCreator supports editing of faces and sets of faces with transform, offset, and even dimension-driven methods. Exhaustive translators combined with history-free modeling allow designers to open and edit any file as if they created it and quickly re-use design data from anywhere.

KeyCreator 3D modeling image


We know you depend on your CAD software and that changes in licensing terms can cause undue problems. KeyCreator is available with the simplicity and security of a perpetual license. 


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Image of custom legs added to a basket strainer with KeyCreator

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