Geometry Unites the Design and Manufacturing World

Kubotek3D provides geometry-based software to help engineers in the manufacturing supply chain speed time-to-market, reduce costs, and improve quality.

KeyCreator is the legendary manufacturing-oriented workhorse 3D CAD software that has seen it all and remains the go-to problem solving tool for leading suppliers and conceptual designers.

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    Geometry-Centered Speed

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    Simply Organized

Double-check every translation of critical CAD files with K-Compare Validate.

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    Complete Inspection

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    Quality Compliance

Everyone can review the latest versions of all the most common CAD files with K-Display View.

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    Ready for Anything

Nothing else provides anywhere near the flexibility and freedom that I have with KeyCreator.

Bob Haskin, Owner, Pacific Design Service


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Kubotek is widely recognized in the industry. It’s like: ‘What are you using to do your validation? Kubotek? Great! You meet our requirements,’ and that’s where it stops.

Jim S., Mechanical Engineer, PE, Davis Tool, Inc,

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KeyCreator’s flexibility makes it simple for us to come up with a concept and present it to our customers. We can quickly run the design through several iterations, incorporating the customer’s input, as well as our own ideas.

Gregory Jensen, President of Jenco Metal Products

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Deliver Amazing Results Faster

Master the fundamental geometric foundation of any design data with Kubotek3D technology.

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