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Aerospace in Seattle

Aerospace in Seattle

Kubotek staff attended the annual Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance conference for the first time in Seattle last week. If you haven’t been paying attention to our News announcements Kubotek joined PNAA in December (https://www.kubotek3d.com/news/kubotek3d-joins-the-pacific-northwest-aerospace-alliance). PNAA is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth and global competitiveness of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Cluster.  

The aerospace industry, and the suppliers of The Boeing Company in particular, have been the top users of Kubotek’s CAD comparison technology over the last ten years. Our booth at the conference provided us opportunity to demonstrate the all-new K-Compare applications to customers, prospects, and partners. Overall at the conference we saw a lot of optimism about the industries outlook for continued growth. While in town Andy Beaupre and Ram Eswaran were also able to present details of our K-Compare programs and our Kosmos 3D development framework at Boeing offices in Everett.

Seattle is famous for rainy weather, and we had plenty of that. However, the first evening in town provided some sunset and Andy was able to capture the impressive skyline image above from Dr Jose Rizal Park.