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#TechTipTuesday-- KeyCreator 2017 V15 openBoM integration

#TechTipTuesday-- KeyCreator 2017 V15 openBoM integration

This week's Tech Tip video features the new openBoM integration added to KeyCreator 2017 V15.  




 Video Transcript: 

-Kubotek has partnered with an easy to use, integrated cloud-based BOM

management solution for KeyCreator 2017...

-Introducing openBOM for KeyCreator

-openBOM automatically generates a BOM using the part properties of

referenced parts

-KeyCreator part properties are mapped to the BOM for each referenced


-Access to openBOM has been fully integrated into the KeyCreator menu


-Parts lists, single-level, and multi-level BOMs can all be generated by

selecting the openBOM configuration from the openBOM configuration

-A single click exports the BOM to the online dashboard

-An automatically generated hyperlink provides immediate access to the


-The openBOM dashboard gives you a complete BOM and inventory

management tool

-The view of the BOM can be easily customized

-openBOMs integration with KeyCrator is flexible. Consider the two

references of the connector sub-assembly

-Let’s add a third connector sub-assembly to the design

-We can edit the electrical enclosure to add an additional knockout

-KeyCreator’s editing tools were designed specifically for the quick and

Easy modification of non-native models

-Once the enclosure has been modified, a copy of the connector sub-

assembly can be easily added

-When the changes are complete, an export from the modified assembly

automatically creates a new version of the BOM

-All changes and a complete revision history are recorded within the

openBOM dashboard

-Excel, PDF and CSV copies of the BOM can be saved directly from the


-Exported BOM copies can be added to any KeyCreator file as an editable

OLE object

-BOM management for KeyCreator has never been easier



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