Solution Partners

Kubotek3D partners provide software technology, professional software and services uniquely beneficial to our users.

Technology Partners


Datakit's CrossCad/Ware libraries provide translation technology for reading proprietary CAD formats in Kubotek's Kosmos-based K-Display and K-Compare products.

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Spatial Corp

KeyCreator utilizes Spatial's 3D ACIS Modeler as the core database for solids/surfaces and the primary modeling engine. 

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Techsoft3D HOOPS
Tech Soft 3D

The HOOPS Visualize graphics engine is used for all viewport display in KeyCreator.

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Siemens Software Technology Partner Emblem


Kubotek partners with Siemens Digital Industries Software to help assure NX, Solid Edge, JT, and Parasolid design information moves precisely through the supply chain.

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Kubotek partners with PTC to help assure Creo design information moves precisely through the supply chain.

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Integrated CAD/CAM Partners

XMD logo

Synergetic Engineering

Expert Mold Designer (XMD) works completely inside KeyCreator to automate the mold design process.

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Artisan logo

Pictorex, Ltd

Artisan software adds photo-realistic details to 3D models.

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GibbsCAM (Cambrio)

GibbsCAM is a complete production-level CAM program which provides a plug-in module for KeyCreator users to export models in GibbsCAM format.

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HighRES logo

HighRES software collects and processes point data from scanning/input devices for use in CAD.

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Integrated Data Management Partners

openBoM logo

Newman Cloud

openBoM is cloud-based software for managing part information.

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Verisurf logo

Verisurf Software

CAD model translation validation software module utilizes the Kubotek compare engine and quality report format from Kubotek Validation Tool and K-Compare Validate.

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Hardware Partners

3Dconnexion logo


3Dconnexion creates the world’s most advanced, precise, and comfortable peripherals which help design and engineering professionals across industries produce better designs more efficiently.

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Customization Partners

KeyCDE logo


Custom CDE/KXL module development for KeyCreator.

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Geometric Technologies logo

Geometric Technologies

Custom CDE/KXL module development for KeyCreator.

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