Enable Absolute Clarity in Engineering Changes

K-Compare® Revision software assures effective communication during the critical hand-off of updated product models between product design and manufacturing

K-Compare Revision Absolute Clarity Engineering Change Report

Engineering Change Report Software

Communicate Detailed Understanding of Changes to All Stakeholders

  • Completely control 3D views on each report page   
  • Customize templates to match company/customer standards
  • Add explanatory annotations
  • View report files in any browser or export to PDF

Confidently Identify All Changes to the Model and Data

  • Easily visualize changes in side-by-side or overlay mode
  • Proprietary geometric pattern matching analyzes the whole part definition, not just feature tree or a sampling of points
  • Semantic checking of 3D GD&T definitions
  • Differences highlight clearly on the model

Handle Models from Any Source

  • Read files from all major CAD databases, standards, and modeling kernels
  • Compare large sets of assembly files
  • Advanced multi-threaded algorithms minimize processing time on large or complex data sets

Quickly Create Complete Reports 

  • Automatic generation of a report page for each difference
  • Combine related sets or patterns of features/faces together into a single difference
  • Manage feature/face organization using a simple tree interface
  • Automate title block text across the report using template variables

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