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                   Kubotek Kosmos 3D software development framework                                       

Kubotek KosmosĀ®3D framework is an advanced set of C/C++ software components which support development of specialized design applications, CAD/CAM, CMM, and CAE utility programs, and high-fidelity movement of 3D data between engineering software programs.

Universal Geometric Database

The Kubotek Kosmos framework is ideal for building applications that need to work with complex 3D models from numerous CAD programs. To prevent loss of data when reading CAD models the Kosmos database has been designed to preserve all geometry data structures for curves and surfaces used by all major CAD databases. To support all the model data needed by any engineering application the Kosmos framework also includes manifold and non-manifold topology and multi-dimensional bodies (zero dimension through three dimensional).

The framework also employs an innovative variable precision system to allow complete control over the precision of every operation and object. This provides a simple, consistent solution to the problem of data coming from different CAD databases which use different modeling precision. It also allows for simple adjustment of the base precision of a model to support applications ranging in size from miles long to microns long.

This architecture allows Kosmos-based modules to work cooperatively within a program using other modeling kernels such as Spatial ACIS or Siemens PLM Parasolid as a primary database.

Kosmos universal geometric database multi-dimensional bodies variable precision

Full Speed Processing

To maximize application speed, the Kosmos framework was written from the ground up with multi-threading in mind and zero global and static variables. This allows Kosmos-based applications to take full advantage of multiple processors by operating mutex-free, eliminating a significant bottleneck required by older kernels to which thread-safe support was an added feature. 

The application of advanced new algorithms reduces the number of mathematical operations required to calculate many solutions, for example, the intersection of two surfaces.  

Another major advantage of the Kosmos framework is the small size of the code libraries that are distributed with your program. A dramatically smaller memory footprint leaves more RAM available for large datasets and operation on mobile devices.

Mutex-free multi-processor multi-threaded framework kernel

Coding Advantages

  • Built-in memory tracking with allocation line number
  • Complete Unicode support
  • Record and playback journaling
  • Condensed format for database save and restore
  • Automated run-time UI dialogs
  • Bi-directional attribute-object lookup
  • Attribute objects support storage of any type of data
  • Pointer-free API
  • .NET, Visual Basic, and C# support
  • Scheme support and full Lua scripting
  • Read/write XML data
  • Sample viewer applications (wxWidgets, Qt)
  • Support for Windows, MacOS/iOS, Linux, & Android
  • 100% automated test coverage
  • Frequent releases, quick turnaround for fixes
Automated test machines software developer

Modular Components

The Kubotek Kosmos architecture allows customers to flexibly license only the modules they need for a project.

  • KCM Kosmos Core Modeler kernel library toolkit

    Kosmos Core Modeler (KCM(R))

    Complete and universal 3D engineering database

  • 3D modeling geometric modeler


    Boundary representation modeler

  • IGES STEP STL ACIS Parasolid DXF Datakit

    Translation Components

    STEP, IGES, Mesh (STL, OBJ, INP), DXF, ACIS SAT, Parasolid XT, and Datakit

  • OpenGL HOOPS Graphics engine bridge


    OpenGL hardware acceleration and memory, shading, custom line patterns

  • geometric comparison congruence check


    Geometric comparison between models - point deviations and face-based pattern matching

  • flowchart icon

    Usage Statistics Generator

    Measure end-user function use in your application

  • license checking system

    Product Licensing

    Flexible application usage protection system (hardware locking/activation/login)


Modeling Features

  • Solid primitives
  • Curves
  • Point clouds
  • Sweeping
  • Lofting
  • Optic surfaces
  • Curve/surface trimming
  • Profiles/Planar cover
  • Intersectors/Booleans
  • Surface blending
  • Ray firing
  • Faceting
  • Precise hidden line
  • Model evaluators/verify
  • Model simplification
  • Feature discovery
  • Assembly discovery
  • Math function libraries
  • Undo/Redo

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