Tools to Accelerate Manufacturing

Kubotek delivers 64-bit precision engineering programs compatible with all major CAD databases.

K-Compare® Revision

K-Compare Revision software assures effective communication during the critical hand-off of new product specifications between product design and manufacturing. Quickly sort complex differences between two versions of a design and generate reports.    

Engineering change report difference compare ECO

K-Compare Validate

K-Compare Validate software checks translated CAD models for unintended changes and saves reports to comply with aerospace supplier requirements. It's comprehensive geometry comparison, speed, and ease-of-use set it apart from all other solutions.   

K-Compare Validate DPD compliance Boeing D6-51991

K-Display® Convert

K-Display Convert programs support opening files from all the major CAD databases and saving them in standard formats readable by nearly all CAD/CAM software.


K-Display View

K-Display View applications are the lightening fast, easy-to-use solution for viewing all major types of mechanical CAD files on any device. 

K-Display View tablet (687 x 458)


KeyCreator MfgCAD software provides uniquely agile solids/surface design, comprehensive translators, quick toolpath generation, and mechanical drawings tools.


KeyCreator 3D CAD/CAM solids surface design

KeyCreator Viewer

KeyCreator Viewer software is a no-charge program for read-only visualizing and verifying/measuring data in all KeyCreator CKD and CADKEY® PRT files.


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KeyCreator Viewer CKD CADKEY PRT

Kubotek Kosmos®

The Kubotek Kosmos 3D framework is an advanced set of components, including KCM® (Kosmos Core Modeler), which software developers can use to build cross-platform software for engineering and manufacturing applications. 

3D framework and KCM geometric kernel
K-Compare, K-Display, KeyCreator, CADKEY, Kubotek Kosmos and KCM are registered trademarks of Kubotek Corporation.